Check out this latest episode, when the ladies of Read, Watch, and Wine review the book "Pet Semetary" by Stephen King, and compare it to the 1989 movie of the same name.

The Podcast begins with a summary of the book and then on to the detailed discussion of the book to movie adaptation. Did the Read, Watch and Wine Crew like it or dislike it. You have to listen to find out. Tune in to hear the discussion, and we would love to hear your opinion the book to movie transition.

Please keep in mind that the discussion contains spoilers.

Publishers Summary of Book
Louis Creed, a doctor from Chicago, is appointed the director of the University of Maine's campus health service. He moves to a large house near the small town of Ludlow with his wife Rachel, their two young children, Ellie and Gage, and Ellie's cat, Church. From the moment they arrive, the family runs into trouble: Ellie hurts her knee and Gage is stung by a bee. Their new neighbor, an older man named Jud Crandall, comes to help. He warns Louis and Rachel about the highway that runs past their house, which is frequented by speeding trucks.
Jud and Louis quickly become close friends. A few weeks after the Creeds move in, Jud takes the family on a walk in the woods behind their home. A well-tended path leads to a pet cemetery (misspelled "sematary" on the sign) where the children of the town bury their deceased animals. Victor Pascow, a student who has been fatally injured in an automobile accident, addresses his dying words to Louis personally, even though the two men are strangers. On the night following Pascow's death, Louis experiences what he believes is a very vivid dream in which he meets Pascow, who leads him to the deadfall at the back of the "sematary" and warns him to not go beyond there.

Jud is grateful and decides to help Louis after Church is run over outside his home around Thanksgiving. Louis frets over breaking the bad news to Ellie. Sympathizing with Louis, Jud takes him to the "sematary", supposedly to bury Church. But instead of stopping there, Jud leads Louis farther on to "the real cemetery": an ancient burial ground that was once used by the Miꞌkmaq Tribe. There, Louis buries the cat on Jud's instruction. The next afternoon, Church returns home; the usually vibrant and lively cat now acts ornery and, in Louis's words, "a little dead." Jud confirms that Church has been resurrected and that Jud himself once buried his dog there when he was younger. Louis, deeply disturbed, begins to wish that he hadn't buried Church there.
Several months later, two-year-old Gage is killed by a speeding truck. Overcome with despair, Louis considers bringing his son back to life with the help of the burial ground.

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